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Astrolite microfiber cleaning cloth

Extreme Grade Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is a perfect Detailing Cloth. You can use this cloth for Interior Cleaning like Dashboard, Car seat cleaner and also for Exterior like Windshield glass cleaner, Vehicle Body Waxing, Polishing, Drying, and Paint Cleaning.

Soft touch ac vent cleaning brush

Unique Design: Brushable and wiping, one clening air outlet ,one cleaning instrument panel,cleaning cloth and brush

Dust magnet duster

Dust Magnet Duster is made of soft hand-washable microfiber, it can remove dust, dirt and lint effectively without scratching your vehicle.

Magic soft cleaning gloves

2 Pieces Assorted Colors Single Sided Microfiber Cleaning Gloves For Cars, Computers, Home or Kitchen

Tph sparkle clean combo pack

Package Contains Full Kit of Cleaning which Includes: 1) DUST MAGNET DUSTER 2) Astrolite Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 3) MAGIC Soft Cleaning Gloves 4) Soft Touch AC Vent Cleaning Brush
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